About dumplings

What are dumplings?

Only a few people have an exceptional talent, an irresistible desire and enough will power to deliver all the taste zest, the delights of form and the harmony of ingredients embodied in Singapore cuisine dishes! The real masterpiece of Asian food is dumplings.

Dumplings are a dish of thin dough with various fillings of meat, fish, vegetables and seafood, cooked according to special rules, which in any case may not be broken: dumplings shall have a certain number of dough “tucks”, which are drawn by hand with a bamboo stick.

It is preferably to use a method of steaming, because this way we get a healthy meal without oil. Steamed dishes are easily digestable, and they even help to preserve youth and beauty, because they contain no superfluous calories, cholesterol and toxins, which clog blood vessels.

A special basket for cooking dumplings

Our kitchen starts work with the first sunrays

About dumplings

Art of dumplings

Our cooks are trained in order to be admitted to cooking dumplings. They learn and practice the art of molding during six months. A real dumpling maker will need just two minutes to manufacture the classic dumpling in the form of a lotus flower.

It’s a real art – the art of molding dumplings!

First, the master rolls the dough and prepares the base for a dumpling.

Then the master puts onto the base a specially prepared stuffing.

The basic rule for a real dumpling is a specific number of “tucks”.

The dumpling is ready! It only remains to prepare it on steam and bring to the table!

About dumplings

How to eat dumplings?

The process of eating dumplings is a kind of ritual, where strict rules must be followed for the full disclosure of all the subtleties and nuances of taste.

Pour vinegar and soy sauce in a ratio of 3 to 1 into a small bowl with ginger, just for piquancy you can also add a few drops of spicy oil from oil can.

Pick up a dumpling from the basket with chopsticks and dip into the prepared sauce.

Next, using the chopsticks make a small hole in the dumpling to let a portion of juice flow out onto a spoon, and put some ginger slices on top.

Eat up the food at once and enjoy the taste. Repeat until complete overfeeding!

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