Our story

The story of “Dumpling Republic”

Year 150

The story of dumplings traces its roots to China. According to the legends, when the only son of the legendary Chinese herbalist Chan Chong Jin got ill, the herbalist tricked him to take a decoction of the collection of herbs wrapped in an “envelope of flour” with hot, spicy broth. This method gained popularity, and the product has become a major one in the Chinese diet.

Year 200

Dumplings had a shape similar to gold bars. Chinese traders used to eat dumplings on the Lunar Chinese New Year and believed that they bring them wealth in the coming year.

1560-s years

During the conquest by troops of Ivan the Terrible of localities, which are now known as Siberia and parts of Mongolia, the Russians also discovered dumplings for themselves. Since then, Russian meat dumplings appeared.

Year 1896

The famous Nyanshing “Dumpling House” was opened in Shanghai. Until now, long queues of people gather at this house to taste authentic Chinese dumplings with an unforgettable, special taste.

Years 621 – 1368

A successful form and minced meat wrapping made dumplings an ideal food for travelers. Tea houses that were on the Chinese part of the Silk Road became popular for their warmth and hospitality. Dumplings became known as Dim Sum, which in translation means a small piece of heart

Year 1275

Marco Polo, following to China by the Silk Road, was delighted with the stuffed dough and brought recipe of dumplings to Italy. Dumplings got a new birth in the form of ravioli.

Master Sim started his career at the age of 17 years, at boilers of the famous kitchens of Singapore under the guidance of best teachers. After obtaining the honorary title of Master, he went to travel and work in Russia and China. Over the years of practice Master Sim managed to learn several different cultures, their traditions and specificities in the art of cooking food!
The quintessence of this knowledge has been embodied in the dumplings!

Year 2012

Cafe “Dumpling Republic” was opened in the city of Gold Coast (Australia). From this moment, the story of an international chain of Singapore cuisine cafes “Dumpling Republic” begins.

Year 2014

“Dumpling Republic” cafe was opened in the city of Brisbane (Australia)

To be continued….

July 11, 2008

Inspired by traveling to Singapore and being fallen in love with Singapore cuisine, residents of Vladivostok city Eduard and Alexandra Korins opened the first in Vladivostok and Russia cafe of Singapore cuisine.
In order to transfer all the secrets and “highlights” of Singapore cuisine to the greatest possible extent, they invited a chef from Singapore, Mr. Sim Kim Kvii. From this moment, the story of “Dumpling Republic” chain of cafes begins. The exotic cooking and serving of dumplings, the unusual recipes, low caloric value and the diet method of steam cooking quickly attracted the attention of gourmets and fans of healthy food. The cafe instantly gained popularity among residents and visitors of the city.

March 02, 2009

Due to the extraordinary popularity, the second cafe of Singapore cuisine was opened in Vladivostok

During the interview to one of Australia’s magazines while answering the question: “Are you planning to expand your chain of cafes in other cities and countries around the world?” the founder and inspirer of the chain Alexandra Korina said:

“Wherever the fate brings us, we will try to take with us: our business, our love and our philosophy. After all, this is our life!”

This is our story! This is our Life!
We are extremely proud to be a small part of the great history.

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